Eurostone Sp. z o.o. is currently involved in recruiting for the position: "Independent Bricklayer".

Here's what we excpect from candidates to the above position:

Experience in the "raw open state" of buildings - minimum one year.
Commitment and willingness to physical work.
Willingness to work both in Poland and in delegations abroad.
The ability to read technical drawings and to stand-alone dimensions applicationand/or laying out the walls will be well seen and noticed as an additional quality.

What we offer:

Salary proportionate to the type and quality of work and the workplace (Poland or abroad).
Possibility of rapid promotion to the position of independent leader of the construction site.
In the case of the delegations company provides/covers all the costs associated with the trip and stay in another place.

If you are interested, please send us notification of your candidacy to the email address: or direct phone number: +48 784 357 959 

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